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Lazy loading in SwiftUI

SwiftUI introduced from the very beginning the components HStack and VStack to group views in an horizontal or vertical stack. Those components load all their children up front, so they’re not suitable for implementing a long list of items, as you’d rather have lazy loading.One alternative was using the List component, which implements lazy loading,

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Write a SwiftUI only app

This article is about some news in SwiftUI app cycle. With the second release of SwiftUI, is finally possible to make an app entirely in SwiftUI, without having to embed it in UIKit or AppKit on the Mac. We’ll see how to create a SwiftUI only app, manage independent Scenes and share data between them.As

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Enhancements in Function Builders

This post is about enhancements in Function Builders in Swift 5.3. I wrote two articles about Function Builders in the past so you may want to check them out before continuing with this one. Introduction to Function BuildersCreate a DSL with Function Builders In 2020 SwiftUI expanded the way you can use Function Builders in

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